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Your social life is important and we get it. Just remember that as fun as it is to have friends and a group that you belong to, it is complex. Be prepare!

Friends can become hot and cold.

When a friend gives you the cold shoulder for no reason, take some distance. It will most likely pass and you'll have a time to talk. Don't give in just to keep the friends. It will not make you happy. 

Let your standards be high, don't settle

You know right from wrong. Don't follow others just to keep them as friends. I know it's not always easy, but sometimes doing something stupid to keep a friends can change your life in a second. Talk to someone you feel comfortable about this, your parents, a school counselor or a teachers that you know conversations will be private and confidential. They went thru it already and they can help. Talking makes it easier! 

Have fun but remember to be safe!

You have more independence now, but do you know what to do with it? Have fund but be safe, don't do anything you now it's stupid, it takes one moment to change your life.

There is no such thing as:

  • a shoplifting accident

  • I didn't know his parents were not home

  • I didn't know they were drinking alcohol

  • I just sent that picture to my friend

Having independence comes with responsibilities. Be prepare to face the consequences, the good and the bad. Welcome to the real world. Are you ready?

Social Life for teens: News and Tips
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