Studying in a Library


Middle school comes with bigger responsibilities. School gets more challenging, there is more work, more classes, teachers expect a lot more from you and they give you more pointed feedback. 

Time management and organizational skills can help you plan ahead and get the work down with less stress:

  • Know your class schedule: You don't have to memorize it. Keep multiple copies of it so you can refer back to it. 

  • Know how much time you have in between classes

  • Where is your locker? Is it near your homeroom? Near your second period? Far from all classes?

  • What extra curricular activities do you have each day? Do you need a change of clothe or uniform? Do you need any equipment?

  • How many books are you required to have and are you going to have enough time between each class to visit your locker?

  • Keep your backpack and your locker organized 

  • Organize your computer desktop with folders so you know where to go to find the right information

  • Use a daily planner/calendar. It is impossible to remember everything that you have on your day. Write things down. It is a good skill that you will need the rest of your life.