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Happy Teens


Recently, there has been a decent amount of research that has found that brain goes thru it's biggest growth during the teenage years.

Specifically, we know the pre-frontal cortex (our area of higher reasoning) is not well connected with the limbic system (the area of our brain that controls emotions).

Teens tend to be more emotional and more rewarded (by their brains) for taking risks and it can be difficult to tamp this down.

—Dr. Alexander Namrow

Expect your teen:

  • to argue your rules 

  • become more messy 

  • be hungry all the time,  tired during the day and unable to go to sleep at a decent hour at night

  • become emotionally distant from you, but don't worry, he/she will come back

  • experiment with their image and their identity

  • experience emotional flare-ups

  • want privacy and independence from you

What to do?

  • Don't be judgmental or critical, they need your love and connection more than ever. ​

  • Give them the space to find their independence, eventually their values will align with yours and they'll come back to you.

  • Let go of control and go for influence. Give them information instead of lectures. Compromise and let them be part of the plan. 

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