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Research shows that there is MASSIVE brain growth and change from ages 12 to 24. This is a time of questions and confusion:

  • Am I normal?

  • Where do I fit?

  • What is right?

  • What is wrong?

  • How can I feel more grown up?

  • How can I be treated more grown up?

  • What are my real limitations and my imagined ones?

The frontal part of your brain (the pre-frontal cortex) will not be fully developed until the age of 25. This is the part of the brain that considers consequences and puts a break on emotional reactions. So remember:

  • Your brain will understate the potential negatives and overstate the possible gains of a risky situation 

  • Depending on the context of the situation courage and stupidity can look the same

  • The amygdala, a very protective part in the back of our brain and in charge of activating our emotions, making a simple situation more emotional that it really is and allowing big feelings to take over making you act before your think 

The struggle with independence, relationships and identity are all part of the process needed to become an independent adult. Ask questions, talk about your thoughts and reach out to a trusted adult. Don't forget that they were also adolescents at one point. 

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