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Do you remember Middle School? Middle school is a BIG step. New school, new friends, more homework and yes, PUBERTY.  

What do to do?

  • Know your child's school schedule. How many classes is he taking? Does she have the same classes every day?  Ask them how far is one class from the other and how much time do they have in between classes. It will help you understand their new routine and they'll love that you care. 

  • They need tools to get organized. What does he keep in his locker? Does she go back to her locker in between classes? What doe you see when you look in your child's backpack? How much does his backpack weight?

  • Time management is and important tool for life and it begins in Middle School. Doe your child have a planner? Where does she record her assignments? What time does your child get home from school? Does he have homework over the weekend? How does your child prepare for tests and projects?

Remember: Time management and organizational tools will allow your teen to have an easier transition into Middle School. Work with them and ask them if they need help. Let them know that they can talk to you or a teacher. They need your support but they also want to show you that they can do it! 

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